Art is Passion ~ Art is Limitless
Art is Freedom Without Boundaries

From a very early age, my growth as an artist developed from simple sketches and drawings to large abstract and design paintings.  Much of my art has been on display in areas surrounding my current community of residence, a passion recognized in the Pacific Northwest, East Coast, and West Coast.  I have lived on both coasts and traveled throughout the United States with only 6 states left to see.  I have visited Seoul, Korea and Canada and now yearn to explore more Countries.  Travel inspires me and opens the door to new ideas and feelings when I paint.  Every painting has a story though I don’t disclose the meaning with most because I enjoy the various interpretations or the feelings that arise from others when they truly connect.  Currently, I am working on a new collection that is black and white with a splash of color… a project over the next year I am very excited about.

At the age of 12, I drew a design that really stood out to me.  The emotion my drawing conveyed was an interpretation of what my future would always hold, hence ” Limitless”.  The original black/white version of  “Limitless” was painted in 1993 and since then, I have created several other versions.  Painting this design is pure comfort; bringing me back to my roots.  Most my paintings represent the number 8 in some way, shape, or form.   Every painting I create remains an original, one of a kind piece as I have no desire to make replicates; the owner will confidently know they are the only one in possession of that particular piece.

“My inspiration comes from embracing all that makes life worth living such as happiness, hope, love, growth, dreams, determination, perseverance, and achievement.  Each individual stroke of the brush quiets my mind, lifts my spirit and breaks down any walls that surround me.  As color touches the canvas, it sweeps over my soul and whatever darkness cluttered my mind is no more.  When I paint, it feels as if my soul is in heaven… And I am free.” ~ Jen

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